From Sotheby's: Fabrizio Moretti x Fabrizio Moretti | In Passing

Meet Fabrizio (Fab) Moretti, visual artist and drummer for The Strokes. Then, meet Fabrizio Moretti, art dealer and proprietor of the London-based Galleria Moretti. At Sotheby’s New York headquarters, these two Fabrizios introduce “Fabrizio Moretti x Fabrizio Moretti In Passing|,” an auction and exhibition of Old Master paintings and sculptures. This sale features a rare selection of twenty-four works curated by Fabrizio Moretti and showcased in a series of installations designed by Fab Moretti. These two men share more than just a name, and although they each bring a distinctive vision, their carefully designed collaboration reflects a mutual love of art, particularly Old Masters. “Fabrizio Moretti x Fabrizio Moretti” will be on view at Sotheby’s New York December 15–18, ahead of the live auction on December 18. Online bidding for the auction is now open, and all works in the auction will be sold without reserve.