Invitation to John Waters’ Exhibition “Absentee Landlord”

    Walker Art Center

    2011, 0:49

    For his devious curatorial intervention “Absentee Landlord,” pop culture provocateur John Waters imagines the galleries as rental apartments where nearly eighty “roommate” artworks strike up new relationships. In exploring the tensions and connections among disparate works in the Walker’s wide-ranging collection, Waters imbues his new role as curator with his trademark blend of subversion and insight. Featuring the works by Mike Kelley, Carolee Schneeman, Robert Gober, Richard Artshwager, Jack Pierson, Willem de Kooning, Cindy Sherman, Wolfgang Tillmans, Cameron Jamie, Sturtevant, and John Currin, coexisting with several pieces by Waters himself. The exhibit is on view through July 29, 2012.