Jennifer West, Serpentine Dance, 2014

Jennifer West - Flashlight Filmstrip Projections SERPENTINE DANCE LIVE PERFORMANCE DOCUMENT
Commissioned by PICA TBA Fest 2014, curated by Kristan Kennedy for visual arts exhibition, “As round as an apple, as deep as a cup” Performed live for two nights in September inside the “Flashlight Filmstrip Projections”
Video shot and edited by Peter West
Serpentine Dance: Connie D. Moore
Flashlight Performers: Leif J. Lee, Julie Perini, Micah Schmelzer, Jwest
Synthesizer: Jesse Mejía
Theremin: Mark Keppinger
Choreography and Serpentine Costume: Maranee Sanders
Serpentine Dance Research Consultant: Anita Pace
Original Score Composed by: Sue Harshe (2005)
Score Re-interpreted by: Jesse Mejía and Mark Keppinger, 2014
Courtesy MARC FOXX, Los Angeles and VILMA GOLD, London