Vincent Fecteau and Derek McCormack

In this episode of “Artists On Writers | Writers On Artists”, artist Vincent Fecteau and novelist and erstwhile fashion journalist Derek McCormack conduct a show-and-tell of sorts, looking through some of the art, jewelry, and other doodads they’ve created and shared with each other over the years.


Artists On Writers / Writers On Artists brings together luminaries in the fields of art and literature to have the conversations they themselves wish to have. This monthly video series is a joint production of Artforum and Bookforum .

Vincent Fecteau is an artist who lives and works in San Francisco. He will have a show of new sculptures at Matthew Marks Gallery this Fall.

Derek McCormack’s most recent novels are Castle Faggot and The Well-Dressed Wound (both published by Semiotext[e]). His prior books include The Haunted Hillbilly (Soft Skull Press), The Show That Smells and Grab Bag (both published by Little House on the Bowery). His latest, Judy Blame's Obituary: Writings on Fashion and Death (Pilot Press), collects twenty years of his fashion-related journalism. He is currently at work on a collection of jewelry. He lives in Toronto.